“I….met with the Designers. They are very nice but every time they do a presentation for me, I wonder what YOU would do with the space and, of course, I wish you were in the room with me!”

– Katherine Masterson
Director of Property Management, LCOR

“The plans produced…Are exceptional. The Redevelopment Construction team relies on the plans and specs to expedite the work on site. Plans of this caliber make all of our jobs possible. Thanks for a job well done!”

– Eldon Clarke
Project Manager, Fairfield Redevelopment Construction

“I wanted to express my appreciation of the plans that you have provided…. The detail and thought that were put into the plans is EXCEPTIONAL. Please pass on my appreciation to the people who did such a GREAT job!! Thank you!”

– JR Johnson, Inc (Contractor)

“Thanks Martin! I would use you on every job if I could!”

– Jessica Dunn
Alliance Residential Company

“We’re in the middle of bidding the clubhouse improvements….and have received comments from the vendors that I wanted to pass along. The…plans are some of the best they’ve seen. Thanks for the quality plans and the effort it has taken to provide a complete package.”

– Eldon Clarke
Project Manager, Fairfield Redevelopment Construction

“I had the opportunity to work with Martin, first at Fairfield Residential, and then ultimately as Martin branched out and started APT Design Studio. Martin’s vision, quality of work, and design expertise always added the additional touches that brought together all elements of our redevelopment plans in apartment communities from coast to coast. Martin’s ability to balance contemporary looks as well as functionality, was paramount to the process. Additionally, Martin was always open to considering my thoughts and ideas, and he excelled at operating within strict budgetary constraints. I consider Martin an expert in his field, and a great guy to work with. I am pleased to recommend Martin to anyone in or outside the Multifamily Apartment Industry.”

– Chris Ruffolo
Asset Manager, Fairfield Residential

Martin Langmead is without question one of the most dedicated, talented and hard-working individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  He delivers incredible attention to detail, and he is meticulous in his management of the design process in all areas.  He has been a proven asset on all projects that we have worked on and has consistently displayed the highest level of professionalism.  A strong and valued addition to any team!

– Kay Whelan
Chief Operating Officer, Sawyer Design Associates

“Thank you for the privilege of working with you on the Fairfield Las Vegas projects.  We sincerely believe that the success of these projects is in many ways, due to your involvement.
The architectural spaces and design direction that you provided was both creative and unique – which inspired our team to deliver a product that has been recognized as artistic and original.
We appreciate your attention to the details that make a project run efficiently from start to finish.  You are not only a talented designer and artist, but have a unique ability to manage the complex business of design.  You are a rare talent.
Thank you, Martin for bringing out the best in all of us.”

– Beth Thiel, President
Thiel and Thiel, Inc.

“I’ve have had the good fortune to work with Martin over the last 11 years.  His vision and talents have been instrumental in transforming many of the successful redevelopment projects on which we have collaborated.  Martin has had significant roles in coordinating building and landscape architectural activities to ensure that the overall project design is consistent with the goals of the ownership entity.  Martin has an extraordinary ability to develop exterior building color pallets that completely transform drab and monolithic buildings into an exciting streetscape.  Anecdotally, I was recently involved in a significant redevelopment project and the design architects and consultants were not able to produce a design consistent with the reposition goals.  Construction was in progress and I called Martin to assist in completing the design of the leasing office, key amenity spaces, and models.  The result was a trendy leasing office, a state of the art fitness center, and model apartment homes that resonated with the targeted demographic.  More importantly, the design drawings were completed quickly and concisely resulting in minimal construction delays. Thanks Martin for helping to make these projects successful.”

– Tylor Fisher,
Senior Director of Redevelopment/Asset Management

“I have worked with Martin on over 20+ projects and while doing so, gained a tremendous amount of valuable experience and knowledge through him. He was not only a client, but a mentor and teacher as well. Probably one of the most important lessons I gleaned from him was to learn from each project and that each job is an opportunity to design better than the last, an opportunity to create a stronger, better coordinated and more detailed, thorough project than the one before. I respect Martin’s drive to continuously do better and his persistence to create amazing projects while managing to see the details. I hope to work with him on 20+ more projects in the future.”

– Michelle Salz-Smith
Senior Interior Design at Sawyer Design Associates.

“I worked as Director of Development at Fairfield Residential for 20 years and resigned from the position in March 2009.  Martin worked on over 70 new construction projects I managed.  Martin’s role included involvement with the schematic portion of the entitlement process, conceptualization and implementation of the clubhouse design, management of the interior design selections, drawings and furniture choices. The end result was an outstanding work product generated on time and on budget that helped us achieve great results during lease-up and impressed our institutional equity partners.
Martin is a true professional who served with great passion and commitment.  I fully recommend Martin as one of the great design consultants in the multifamily industry.”

– Jerry Brand
Managing Director,
Capital Markets – Pacific Property Company & Urban Housing Group

“Martin is a creative genius! We worked together on many projects during our time together at Fairfield. He was able to take new construction deals and turn them into company show pieces. His work on redevelopment was equally as amazing. 
He worked very closely with our marketing team to ensure that the design not only hit our target, it complemented our marketing program as well. He was able to add insight and flare to our plans. The end result was a work of art!
Martin was always upbeat, energetic and able to work through obstacles with ease. I look forward to working with him and his team on future projects!”

– Kitty Callaghan, CPM
Vice President of Marketing & Training at Wasatch Property Management

“It is my pleasure to recommend Martin Langmead and his exceptional interior design talents.
From day one, Martin has understood the unique culture of our company, seamlessly moving among the various departments, personalities and styles with an ease I admire. His spirit is one of collaboration; yet he doesn’t compromise good design, but instead gently leads one to it. I truly think much of his success can be attributed to his willingness to listen to clients, read between the lines and in short “get it.” It’s rare to work with someone who is so creatively inspired, yet open to feedback and divergent viewpoints as well.
Over the past decade, Martin and I have worked together closely with a shared vision of creating a unified marketing and design image for our communities. Sounds simple, but it just wasn’t coming to fruition until Martin joined the company and worked with so many of us to make it happen.
My experience in working with Martin and his associates has encompassed many product types, from luxury lease-up communities to rehab communities with tight budgets and ever-adjusting timeframes. Martin has always managed to come in on time and on budget, despite the many obstacles that others put in his way. His excellent communication is a model for the rest of us. Additionally, he does not work in a “design bubble” but rather asks questions about our customer, asset goals and then blends these together with the architectural style and local nuances.
It’s been a delight to work alongside Martin during his tenure at Fairfield. His unique design point of view and talent will be greatly missed. If you would like to further discuss Martin Langmead and his talents, please feel free to call or email me at (858) 404-8178 or vsherman@ffres.com.”

– Vikki Sherman
Marketing Director
Fairfield Properties, L.P.

“I just wanted to say that the transformation is amazing! I love all the selections and the way it all works together. Thank you again!”

– Julie Leuvrey
Oregon Pacific Investment and Development Company

“Have I told you yet how much I enjoy working with competent professionals for a change? :)”

– Csilla Elliott