A.P.T. Design Studio is hired to do a peer review of the design and finishes selected for the Edison Apartments due to be constructed in Washington DC. We are also hired to select the finishes for the apartments. All this is in anticipation of later selecting and furnishing the spaces once construction is complete.

Edison Apartments

The updates to the model home at Cornerstone Apartments (Cary, NC) are installed.

Edison Apartments - Interior
Edison Apartments - Interior

A.P.T. Design Studio starts design work on the lobby renovation project in the Medallion Apartments in downtown Los Angeles.

Medallion Apartments

The new model for Wentworth House apartments in Bethesda, MD is installed by A.P.T. Design Studio.

Wentworth House Apartments

Finishing touches are put on the Aurora Apartments (Bethesda, MD) clubroom. The rest of this high-rise building was installed when construction of the property was completed last year. But the clubroom and associated roof-deck were only partially completed as they were on the top floor which was the last level to be completed by Construction. Previously, A.P.T. Design Studio had installed the leasing office, game room, fitness center, lobby (with library and business center on balcony above) and two models.